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    [Legend] New Groups


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    [Legend] New Groups

    Post by Ami on Thu May 22, 2008 6:39 pm

    I made the Legend of the forum that fits the game: Rohan. I am well aware that I can't put everyone in a category yet, but I am trying my best to. I changed some of the existed groups to another name and deleted some. I'll explain the groups one by one to you guys in case people are confused.

    Legend :

    [ Grand Duchess ] : Guild Leader.

    [ Co-Leaders ] : I didn't changed the name because not everyone from the Co-Leaders group are moving to Rohan. And if I have to change the name, it'd be "Duke". I don't think that the girls who are in this group will find that..appealing. This group is also known as Duke/Duchess in game.

    [ Officers ] : Also known as Marquise/Marchioness in game.

    [ Moderators ] : A group of forum moderators.

    [ Chronicle's Army ] : The army of Chronicle. As in, the people who's going to move to Rohan with us will be listed here.

    [ Group of Friends ] : The name speaks for itself. <3

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